Together with you, as a professional cleaner, we look for solutions for problems you come across in the cleaning industry.

We are not talking about costs of cleaning materials but about working efficiently, as that is the only way to keep cleaning enjoyable and profitable.

Save costs with the right equipment

It is often said that cleaning materials, cleaning agents and machines are expensive. If, however, you choose the right equipment, then these costs take up only 3% of the total cost. We help you make the right choices, so you can cover more square metres with ergonomic materials at lower cost.

From micro fibre cloths to floor pads

Wecoline offers a complete and extensive range of products for the cleaning industry. Wecoline gives you ample choice of dust wipe systems, made-to-measure micro fibre systems and modular trolleys for daily cleaning.

For optimal floor cleaning, Wecoline offers a complete range of floor pads. And with the Wecoline floor pad app, we help you find the most appropriate floor pad for a perfect result.

Always a solution

Innovative and ergonomic solutions for optimal hygiene - that is the power of Wecoline. With Wecoline, the professional cleaner works effectively and with pleasure too as with our products, more cleaning can be done better.