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Wecoline listed NHS supplier

December 19, 2017
Wecoline listed NHS supplier

Wecovi can proudly announce that we have become a listed supplier of NHS Supply Chain and have even supplied the first order already! After being invited for the tender this March we built a dedicated team internally and we really worked hard. With success in November we heard that we where one of the chosen suppliers that National Health Service (NHS) wanted to partner up with.

NHS Supply Chain provides patient-related healthcare products and supply chain services to the NHS in England. The NHS only works with premium suppliers that are dedicated to supplying premium high quality, cost effective products into all the NHS trusts and their locations.

The entire Microfiber cleaning concept has been listed since the first of December. This range contains cloths, flat mops, handles, frames and complete trolleys. At the moment the range has over 60 products and can easily be expanded if necessary.

New accountmanager Wecovi Ltd

Wecovi also assigned Nicola Williams as a new Account Manager based in the UK, she will further broaden the relationship with NHS and their trusts.

If you have any questions please contact Nicola Williams on or +44 (0)7824 305 023.


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