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Full Cycle floor pads rewarded with 2 Innovation Awards

December 8, 2014
Full Cycle floor pads rewarded with 2 Innovation Awards

Last week, Americo Manufacturing Co won no less than 2 renowned Awards with their innovative Full Cycle floor pads.

Last week, Americo Manufacturing Co won no less than 2 renowned Awards with their innovative Full Cycle floor pads.

A crown on years of work and research that Americo have done and still do in their mission to manufacture products that harm the environment as little as possible. As preferred partner of Americo for the European market and as supplier of the Full Cycle Wecoline pads by Americo, Wecoline is very proud of this recognition.

Fifty entries, one winner

On 7 November, at the ISSA/Interclean show in North America (Orlando - Florida), Americo received the ISSA Innovation Award 2014. It is one of the most prestigious awards in the professional cleaning sector. Winning the ISSA Innovation Award is recognition by the sector itself. This year, the ISSA Innovation Award programme counted no less than 50 entries of new products for which distributors, wholesalers and janitorial professionals cast their votes. In the de category “Supplies”, Americo with their Full Cycle pads were called winner of the ISSA Innovation Award 2014!

Distinctive with Americo floor pads

On top of that, Americo received the Sustainability Award 2014 from the NISSCO (National Independent Sanitary Supply Companies) purchasing group. NISSCO President Mark Bozich noted “It is tough to differentiate floor pads, especially in this day of racing to lower cost by cutting corners, using lesser and lower quality materials. AMERICO has taken a better path by reversing the trend and enhancing the traditional, thereby giving the distributor a tool to differentiate. "

Wecoline is very proud for Americo to have received this recognition and these awards. The development of Full Cycle is the crown on Americo’s work. As Derik Landman, Marketing & Sales Director of Wecoline, says: “The Americo Full Cycle floor pads comply with the highest standards and have the smallest possible impact on the environment, which is a benefit to us all.”

Full Cycle formula

For more than 10 years, Americo has manufactured raw materials for floor pads from 100% recycled materials and water-based resins; now they have developed the innovative Full Cycle formula. This unique formula makes the floor pad compost in just a fraction of the time needed for regular, standard floor pads. The new composition takes nothing away from the high quality, as the biodegrading process will not start before the pad is placed in an active microbial environment, such as a landfill. In Europe, these pads are available as Wecoline pads by Americo.

Since 2010, Wecoline has been Americo’s preferred partner for the European market. Floor pads made from the Americo base material are manufactured in Zwolle. The first Full Cycle Wecoline pads by Americo floor pads are produced already. Users recognize the world’s most environment-friendly floor pad by the Full Cycle logo on the label.


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