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Green Seal Award for Full Cycle pads by Americo

April 12, 2017
Green Seal Award for Full Cycle pads by Americo

Green Seal is pleased to announce that the complete range of Americo Full Cycle floor pads have been certified according to the GS-20 Environmental Innovation criteria.

Green Seal is a non-profit organization that uses science-based programmes to help consumers, buyers and companies create a more sustainable world. After Americo asked Green Seal to be assessed for the GS-20 certificate, the complete process of making the full cycle base material was described and the environmental benefits extensively demonstrated. Green Seal examined these benefits in a life-cycle context and determined that the full cycle material as well as the production processes can be considered as innovative. This is a requirement for the GC-20 certification and has been defined as such by Green Seal.

What is full cycle material

The Americo full cycle base material has been exclusively made of recycled PET plastic, using only water-based resins. After use, biodegradation of the base material, and therefore the floor pads too, will accelerate. The composting process takes only a fraction of the time required by regular floor pads, so the full cycle pads offer the user - apart from their top quality and durable performance - the guarantee of the best and friendliest solution for the environment.

Proud of the certificate

“Green Seal is delighted to award Americo's Full Cycle floor pad range with the GS-20 certification”, stated Arthur B. Weissman, Ph.D., Green Seal's President and CEO. “These pads are a stellar example of what happens when sustainability, innovation and performance combine in product design”.
“Americo is proud that the Americo Full Cycle pads range has been recognised by Green Seal and awarded with the GS-20 Environmental Innovation certification”, said Richard Rones, President of Americo.

"Due to the increase of full cycle cleaning materials, cleaning companies can make more simple steps in their CSR policies." says Derik Landman, Commercial Director of Wecovi.

Wecoline Full Cycle pads by Americo

In Europe, Full Cycle pads are sold by Wecovi under the name ‘Wecoline Full Cycle pads by Americo’. Americo’s base material is processed in Zwolle, made into floor pads and packed in FSC 100% recycled cardboard boxes. “Cleaning companies take a good step forward in their CSR policy when they opt for Wecoline Full Cycle pads by Americo”, says Derik Landman, Commercial Director of Wecovi.

More information

Would you like to know more about the Americo Full Cycle floor pad range certification or about Wecoline full cycle pads? Then get in touch with Wecoline by e-mail or by telephone 0044 (0)121 717 47 26.

More information about the GS-20 certification can be found on

Read the original press release from Americo.


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