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Micro fiber cloth on a roll

October 13, 2014
Micro fiber cloth on a roll

New in the Wecoline product range is the micro fibre cloth on a roll. The advantages of micro fibre and disposable combined in one. An ideal product for the care industry, where, for reasons of absolute hygiene, they like to work with disposables.

The micro fibre cloth on a roll cleans with just water, so no chemicals are involved. The dirt is retained in the micro fibre’s core, which results in a streak-free and clean surface. The chance of incorrect usage, cross-infection or faulty laundry protocols becomes negligible with this disposable version of micro fibre cloth.

Our micro fibre cloth on a roll is extra strong too, as it is made up of extra long filaments. One of these fibres could carry on over more than one cloth, making the cloth extra strong. A roll contains 100 (perforated) cloths, each sized 24,5 x 35 cm. Every roll is separately packed in foil for extra hygiene. A handy dispenser is available which can be attached to the trolley or the wall.

The facts lined up:

  • each roll is separately packed in foil (for extra hygiene)
  • always a guaranteed clean cloth
  • the quality of micro fibre combined with the hygiene of a disposable
  • micro fibre cleaning now possible in all situations
  • no laundry costs
  • less logistic streaming
  • after use, the cloth can be disposed of with the remainder waste
  • a suitable dispenser is available for wall or trolley

Particularly suitable for the care industry, replacing the classic method with paper/tissue for unplanned little cleaning jobs (during visiting hour, little accidents, disinfection)


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