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Red flat mops in reaction to market demands

February 7, 2017
Red flat mops in reaction to market demands

As from the beginning of February, Wecovi supplies, besides the well-known blue variety, red flat mops too. These flat mops have been specially developed for floor cleaning in sanitary rooms and they enable the user to work with colour coding.

Improved quality

The development of the red mops has led to an improvement of the blue mop too. All Wecoline flat mops with hook and loop are now fitted with a new type of hook and loop. It ensures a better bonding to the frame and has a longer life too.

Market demand

At the start of a project for a cleaning company, Wecoline’s expertise was asked for. Since balancing result, efficiency and costs is the biggest challenge in every project, a variety of Wecoline concepts were compared. After comparing cost calculations, environment and cleaning result, the cleaning company opted for the Wecoline micro fibre concept.

Practice gives insight

To help employees work efficiently with the products, Wecoline provided training sessions on location. After the training, one of the employees asked a question about working with colour codes. The staff at the company where the cleaning was done thought it unhygienic that blue flat mops were used in the canteen as well as in the toilet rooms
To the client, it seemed that the same mop was used, even though this was definitely not the case. The cleaning company did indeed work colour-coded, using the floor mop’s colour labels, but for the client, this was not obvious. They did not see the difference. A coloured floor mop, showing the colour-coded work method at a glance, turned out to be the solution.

Development red floor mop

In response to this remark, amongst others, Wecovi developed the red flat mops. The red flat mops indicate clearly that specific mops are used for different tasks, guaranteeing hygienic working methods. This creates a more positive image about the cleaning.

All articles put together

Due to the improved quality, the blue mops have been given a new article number. The article numbers are as follows:  

  •     03040550         blue, 28 cm
  •     03040552         red, 28 cm
  •     03040560         blue, 45 cm
  •     03040562         red, 45 cm
  •     03040570         blue, 63 cm
  •     03040572         red, 63 cm

More information

Would you like to know more about the improved flat mops? Get in touch with your account manager or our Sales Department.

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