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New packaging for microfibre floor and interior sets

August 23, 2016
New packaging for microfibre floor and interior sets

Recently Wecoline has introduced some major changes to the interior- and floor wiping microfibre sets. Where previously the content was visible through transparent packaging and had a Dutch label, now there is a sturdy box with coloured labels in 4 languages.


The new packaging stands out mainly because of the atmospheric coloured image of the set in use. Additionally it is clearly a Wecoline product due to the positioning of the logo in the familiar Wecoline corporate colour. The content of the box is depicted in 4 languages including article number per packed item. This also makes it easier to order items separately, to expand the set or to replace items.

From the icons it is immediately evident that it concerns a microfibre set where all that is required for cleaning is water and how it should be applied.
Furthermore the packaging can be presented in an upright position as well as in front of each other. This frees up space on the shelves and as such does not really require a specific presentation unit.

Information and ordering

Both sets are available from stock and can be ordered through this website, by phone or email. If you would you like more information then please contact your account manager or the Sales department.


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