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Chemical free stripping

June 9, 2016
Chemical free stripping

During the upcoming holiday break, many square meters and surfaces in schools and health facilities will be cleaned. Reduction of working hours is – especially nowadays – a major advantage. With the chemical-free strip pads of Wecoline you will save time and costs.

The Wecoline Maroon Chemical free stripping pad make floors cleaner and more attractive. This floor pad have been specifically designed for dry or with only water removal of different surface finishes with a single disc machine or scrubber drier. Aggressive chemicals are history.

Why chemical-free stripping?

  • You save time
  • It’s eco-friendly
  • You save costs
  • It’s easy

Advantageous and efficient

The stripping pad has many advantages: a large saving in working hours, costs and chemicals. Very often, a maximum result requires only one passage. Moreover, applying a stripper, the application time and the neutralisation of the floor are completely superfluous during this method.

By using this chemical-free strip pad, method failures are very unlikely. No incorrect dosages of the stripper, no left-over chemical remains and no adhesion problems of the new polymer layer. These damages belong to the past with the Wecoline chemical-free stripping pad.

Easy practice

Wecoline lets cleaning organisations experience the efficiency and easiness of this method. Our account managers give product demonstrations at several cleaning wholesalers across the country.

Download the work instruction of the Maroon pad on the website to see how easy it Works. On the Wecoline Youtube channel, you will find instructions videos in which both dry and wet methods are being pointed out.

Choosing chemical-free stripping means choosing for efficiency, fast and advantageous!



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