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Clean and efficient in less than no time

May 9, 2016
Clean and efficient in less than no time

For the professional cleaner who wants to get on with the job, Wecoline launches the new range Wecoline Clean ’n Easy. The launch will take place during the Interclean. The world's biggest cleaning fair in Amsterdam is the meeting place for professionals in the industry.

The range consists of floor cloths and mops. Ready-to-use non-woven, dry or impregnated with cleaning detergent or dry micro fibre products. “Get to work straightaway with materials that are always clean”, says Derik Landman, Wecovi’s Marketing & Sales Director. This saves time and reduces the risk of cross-contamination”. And that is the power of Wecoline Clean ’n Easy; clean and efficient in less than no time.

This is how easy it is

The principle is simple. The floor cloths and mops are delivered in sealable buckets. Depending on the user, the dry version can be manually moistened with water or chemicals. The ready-to-use products are impregnated with a cleaning agent. The product is disposable, making logistic processes a thing of the past.

Hardware and accessories

Apart from the floor cloths and mops there are suitable accessories such as holders, handles, frames and compact Brix trolleys. These trolleys can be put together in modules and are therefore suitable for every environment.

For more information about Wecoline Clean ’n Easy download the flyer or click here here.


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