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New red Wecoline scrub pad for daily floor cleaning

March 7, 2016
New red Wecoline scrub pad for daily floor cleaning

Wecoline introduces a new red scrub pad made from the well-known Full Cycle Americo material. This new red quality has been developed in order to obtain a pad with more cleaning power without adding any abrasive grains to the pad.

For the user this means a red pad which cleans better and faster.

Positioning within the current product range

The new red scrub pad has, in addition to the characteristics of the current red buffing pad, more scrubbing power which ensures the pad cleans better and faster. The pad is suitable for daily cleaning and spray cleaning. It allows the user to clean more efficient.

Of course, the familiar red buffing pad especially for extra gloss, remains within the Wecoline range.

The red scrub pad can be used in combination with standard electric floor machines and automatic scrubbers up to 800rpm and is available in various circular and rectangular sizes.

Full Cycle principle

Wecoline Full Cycle by Americo pads are made from 100% recycled material and is the world's first pad which is accelerated degradable. The production of these pads take place in Zwolle. Therefore, the highest quality is guaranteed and the pads scan be supplied directly from stock.

More information

To find out more about the usage and possibilities, please contact the Sales Department or Gerben Derkman, account manager Wecoline ( or +44 (0)121 717 47 26).


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