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Up to 99.9% free from bacteria in just one action

November 16, 2015
Up to 99.9% free from bacteria in just one action

The Wecoline microfibre cloth on a roll means micro fibre and single use all in one. Ideal for the care industry where hygiene is of vital importance. With this cloth, up to 99.9% of bacteria can be removed.

Independent tests by microbiological laboratories show that in just one action a reduction of up to 99.9% of MRSA and Clostridium Difficile bacteria can be realized. Without the use of disinfecting or cleaning agents!

Single use

The Wecoline microfibre cloth has been designed for single use. This prevents increase of contamination in the washing process or through cross-infection. Also, as the cloths do not need to be washed, time and money are saved.
The unique structure of the microfibres catches dirt in the cloth and ensures that it is not released again on the surface. The cloths are made of microfibre filament - endlessly long fibres - and this makes them extra strong, compared to most cloths which are usually made of shorter fibres.

Product information

Wecoline single use microfibre cloths are available on rolls of 170 perforated cloths, each sized 35 x 22,1 cm. Rolls are packed separately for extra hygiene. As the cloth is available in three colours (white, blue and red), this product fits in very well with a colour-coded system. A dispenser, especially designed for the roll, is also available. It can be attached to a trolley or the wall.

Test it yourself

Your account manager Gerben Derkman will be pleased to inform you about applications and possibilities.

N.B.: Reports available for inspection.


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