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Wecoline launches new website

November 5, 2015
Wecoline launches new website

Wecoline recently launched this new website. A website for distributors of cleaning products, cleaning and organizations technical, catering and medical wholesaler looking for the best solutions for thorough cleaning and hygienic result.

On this new website, products are very easy to find. Due to the direct connection with the ERP system, product information is always up to date.

Improved information offline and online

Wecoline customers have - through a login  - access to all products including list- and distributor price, catalogs, method descriptions, instruction cards and brochures. They now also have the option for online ordering.

Wecoline logo

Along with the new website Wecoline communicates the new brand logo. The entire Wecovi branding was recently refreshed. The family band that reigns within Wecovi, is evident in the brand logo. This is now also visually in connection with the mother.


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