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Wide range produced on the premises

December 22, 2009
Wide range produced on the premises

Wecovi starts a new production line for floor pads. Thousands of cleaners in Europe work with Wecoline cleaning cloths and floor cleaning  products every day. Soon, they can set their floor cleaning machines to work too, with floor pads the Zwolle company is about to produce on their own premises. The new production line will die cut the floor pads from large rolls.

The basic material will be supplied by Americo – another well-known name in the cleaning world, and one of the leading floor pads manufacturers.  Americo has its seat in Georgia, USA and, just like Wecovi, it is a customer-oriented family business. The two companies make an ideal match and have found each other as partners for the supply of floor pads to the European marketplace.
The base material for the floor pads consists completely of recycled PET-bottles.

Complement your CSR polic

A box of 5 floor pads requires, for instance, 12 2-litre bottles. They are melted down and processed to become loose fibres. Combined with a water-based resin, these are then processed to pad material. This makes ‘Wecoline by Americo’ quite rightly a ‘green’ supplement to Wecovi’s product range, offering new growth possibilities in the professional cleaning sector.

There are special pads available for every type of floor. In order to make the right choice, Wecoline has developed a convenient floor pad app. This app can be downloaded for free in the App Store or Play store.

Wecoline offers a wide range of floor pads.


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