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Wecovi ready for the future

June 26, 2015
Wecovi ready for the future

The new corporate identity for Wecovi BV is a fact. As a leader in guest sets and supplier of professional cleaning materials, this family business in Zwolle (the Netherlands) established for almost 50 years!

The corporate identity change started with a critical look at the logo, which had a lack of a strong successful image of the entrepreneurial and creative company. The result is a completely new identity that Wecovi shows who she is and what she stands for.

Hans Paul Visscher, owner of Wecovi: "We help our customers further by identifying opportunities to think creatively, and to look ahead. We know what they want, but also who they actually are. And with this knowledge, we keep up in the development of specific product lines and solutions. This is reflected in the shape and color of the new logo. I am proud of the contemporary result we have put down. Wecovi is now ready for a bright future."

More than a logo

The house style is widely implemented. The new corporate logo is translated to the brands Wecovi Service, Wecoline and Wecovi Retail. This makes the family bond that exists within Wecovi, evident in the brand logos. These are also now visually in connection with the mother.

Together with the new identity, the new corporate website is also updated. A clear informative site with a direct link to the brands. Visscher: "Our brands offer smart, creative and clean solutions for different industries. This is summarized in the slogan: Wecovi. Be bright."

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