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Wecoline introduces Full Cycle TM Wecoline pads by Americo

April 17, 2014
Wecoline introduces Full Cycle TM Wecoline pads by Americo

Floor pads made from 100% recycled PET plastic and now with an accelerated degration after use due to the special composition. Ever since the beginning of the Wecoline pads by Americo floor pad production line, Wecoline has converted exclusively the high-grade Americo floor pad material.

Recently, Americo has introduced the new Full CycleTM base material for floor pads. The biodegradation of this new Full CycleTM base material is, after its useful life has ended, accelerated and enhanced, thus closing the recycling circle. As Americo’s European partner, we are therefore proud to present Full CycleTM Wecoline pads by Americo Floor Pads, which are, thanks to their special composition, enhanced biodegradable after use.

Green floorpads

The good reputation of Americo’s base material is due to its high-quality properties as well as its green character, with the base material made of 100% recycled PET bottles. Also, only water-based resins are used in the production process.

The introduction of Full CycleTM Wecoline pads by Americo brings the green character to the next level. The unique components of the new Americo Full CycleTM base material cause the floor pads to start biodegrading in just a fraction of the time needed for regular, standard pads.

The new composition does not alter the high quality of the pads at all, as the biodegradation process does not start until the product arrives in an active microbial environment, such as a landfill.

A better environment starts with the right choice

“We are really proud of this continued development of the Americo base material,” Derik Landman (Marketing & Sales Director at Wecovi) says. “We have noticed an increased demand for ‘green’ products and working in a ‘green’ way. Wecoline pads by Americo now close the circle. Quality and product achievement as well as durability go hand in hand. A good management of our environment is after all our corporate responsibility.”

We expect the first deliveries of Full CycleTM Wecoline pads by Americo Floor Pads already by the middle of May. As with every new product, there will be a short transition period. The users will know when they have the world’s first environment-friendly floor pad in their hands when they see the Full CycleTM label on it.

For more information about Americo’s Full CycleTM base material, please visit


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