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Beat every floor problem with the Wecoline floor pad app!

April 22, 2014
Beat every floor problem with the Wecoline floor pad app!

The cleanest floor and the best result, it is a big challenge for every cleaner. Even more so as clients are cost-conscious and have high expectations about the level of cleanliness. 

To achieve the best results on the floor, not only the best materials are required but knowledge on how to use them too. With more than 30 different floor pads to choose from, it is important to be able to pick the best one for the job in hand.

Which pad is most suitable for which type of floor, which type of machine or which type of dirt?

The answer to all these questions is now available thanks to the free Wecoline floor pad app. It is an app that, step-by-step, maps out the ‘floor problem’ and advises on which pad to use to beat this problem.The app also gives information on the correct work method, using short films. 
Derik Landman (Wecoline’s Marketing & Sales director) is not surprised to hear about situations where a cleaner has used the wrong pad, causing damage to the floor or just not getting it clean. “For example, we were asked recently why it was that a marble floor had lost its gloss after cleaning it with a black pad….. Using the right pad saves time and improves the result. Also, cleaning can be done less often. Finding out which pad to use is really worth the effort,” Landman says.

Always professional advice

To be able to give good advise 24/7, Wecoline has developed the floor pad app. After answering just 4 simple questions, the user receives professional advise, supported by short films about the correct use of the pad on the floor. And if the user needs more information still, he can contact Wecoline directly by e-mail or telephone by a simple push on one of the app’s buttons.

The Wecoline floor pad app has been introduced at ISSA/Interclean on 6 - 9 mei 2014. 

Download the app in de App-store en Play Store.


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