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New ergonomic spray bottle

September 23, 2019
New ergonomic spray bottle

Wecoline introduces the ergonomic spray bottle

Professional cleaning requires ergonomic cleaning methods. The spray bottle with has the white color and the Wecoline logo on it. The white color gives the bottle a luxurious look. The spray bottle can be used with a handy trigger and for use a gentle pinch movement is sufficient. The reason that stress to muscles and joints is reduced. In the long term, this contributes to fewer joint problems. When used, a nice dense fog is created that is suitable for moistening large surfaces. Because the spray head can rotate 360 ​​degrees, even hard-to-reach places (such as the edge of the toilet) can now be moistened easily. Liquid waste is reduced to a minimum because 99% of the liquid is used with the spray bottle.

By filling one spray bottle, you could dampen Wecoline Allure microfibre cloths and you can clean for more than 2 hours. Simple, ergonomic and economical!

From the first week of October a water-resistant Tersano sticker can be requested free of charge. If the spray bottle is filled with stabilized ozone water from the Tersano SAO ™ dispenser, it is advisable to use the sticker on the bottle. By using Tersano, all daily cleaning chemicals are replaced. The cleaning effect is powerful.

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