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New: Wecoline Allure starter sets

January 23, 2019
New: Wecoline Allure starter sets

Due to the success of the well-known blue microfibre starter sets, Wecoline now introduces two new Allure starter sets. The content of the sets is composed in such a way that the user can immediately start cleaning the interior or on the floor. The parts can also be ordered separately.

Since its introduction, during the Interclean in 2018, the Allure microfibre concept has proven its strength. The anthracite-colored products of the highest quality not only help to achieve an excellent cleaning result, but also contribute to the professional appearance of the user.

The full color label on the packaging contains all information. Because of the appearance it is an attractive product for the wholesaler to put in the showroom. Searching for a suitable handle for a particular frame is no longer necessary, the package is ready-to-use.

The interiorset includes an Allure ergonomic telescopic handle, an Allure flat mop frame, a blue Allure flat mop, a red Allure scrub mop and a glass cloth.

The floor set consists of an Allure spraysteel, an Allure flat mop frame, a green Allure flat mop, a green Allure scrub mop and a bottle.

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