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Wecovi ready for the future with larger premises

September 26, 2018
Wecovi ready for the future with larger premises

Early in 2020, Wecovi will be moving to new premises just outside Zwolle, at the Business Park H2O near traffic junction Hattemerbroek. The company’s new building of 12.000 m2 will be located right next to the A28. Building will start in the first quarter of 2019.

Family business Wecovi has been situated at its present Marslanden location for 21 years.  

The main reason for the move? Lack of space. Hans Paul Visscher, owner of Wecovi: “We have grown considerably during those 21 years. So far, we have been able to meet our requirements by working smarter and more efficiently but we have reached our limits now.” The present location does still have possibilities for extension but, according to Visscher, this will not be sufficient on the longer term. “With the growth we anticipate, the present location will not give us what we need. Logistically, at the Business Park H2O, we should be able to do what we want for the next 10 years. Also, there is a logistic extension possibility of 1500 m2 for future needs, so that should give us some space!” The choice for Business Park H2O was an easy one. “The location, visible from the A28, is of course top of the bill and being right on the highway makes the premises very easily accessible. And it will get even better, as within the next few years, an entrance and exit will be realised more or less on our doorstep!”

Everything in one building

What will the new premises look like? There will be a modern, open work atmosphere in a stimulating and innovative work environment. An important point for Visscher: “The new location should primarily be a pleasant place to work in.” The warehouse of 2500 m2 will have no less than 5000 locations and by extending the production area to about 1300 m2, Wecovi will be able to optimise and extend the production of cloths and floor pads. With an area of 1400 m2, there will be plenty of room for offices, for an experience centre and for the reception of relations. “When a partner visits us in our new building, there will be plenty of room for passing on knowledge of products and product ranges”, says Visscher.

There will also be space to realise a full-fledged showroom: this will be the place for putting the Wecovi brands in the spotlight.  And where the Wecovi Service brand in the present showroom in the Marslanden is still underexposed, it will get generous attention in the new location.

About Wecovi

Wecovi has nearly 50 years (inter)national experience with the best cleaning materials, guest sets and inventory products. The brands Wecoline, Wecovi Service and Wecovi Retail offer made-to-measure solutions for cleaning businesses, recreation parks and retail. Professional services with an eye for detail. Clear, clean, smart and creative solutions at an affordable price.

Be bright. That is Wecovi.


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