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Two new disinfectants at Interclean Healthcare Cleaning LAB

May 3, 2018
Two new disinfectants at Interclean Healthcare Cleaning LAB

Again this year, Wecoline – producer and supplier of professional cleaning materials for over 45 years – shows at Interclean and this time even on two locations. The Wecoline booth in Hall 9, at the Healthcare Cleaning LAB, focuses fully on the unique Clean ’n Easy superior single use concept. Among other things, visitors there have the opportunity to discover two new disinfectants.

Healthcare environment demands optimal hygiene

Wecoline Clean ’n Easy offers the answer to the hygiene demands in the healthcare industry. To get in contact with care professionals and hygienists, our Healthcare Cleaning LAB booth has been fully fitted with practical solutions for safe, fast and effective results for optimal hygiene and disinfection.

Two Ctgb-registered disinfectants

Wecoline offers a refined and concrete Superior Single Use concept. This concept has been recently extended with two Ctgb-registered disinfectants for the applications PT02, PT03 and PT04. For disinfecting walls, floors, other surfaces and objects in care environments, the food industry and for veterinary hygiene purposes. Both disinfectants guarantee a minimal application time for combating bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts.

Newest virucide

The newest virucide is the Wecoline Clean ’n Easy Disinfection 750 ml foam spray. The fragrance-free formula kills within 1 minute viruses, bacteria and yeasts. The active ingredient is a combination of 2,5% hydrogen peroxide and 2,5% lactic acid. Thanks to the bottle’s unique foam head, the product does not mist when used. Also, it is safe for transport and storage.
Ctgb-registered 15579N, PT02, PT03 en PT04.

Ready-to-use disinfection cloths

In December 2017, Wecoline introduced the Clean ’n Easy Disinfection cloths. These cloths come packed in an airtight bucket and are impregnated with 1% hydrogen peroxide and 1% lactic acid. The user can disinfect the surface straightaway. Within 2 minutes, the formula kills bacteria and yeasts. Thanks to the ample format of the cloth, disinfecting is easy, and one can almost immediately continue working under hygienic circumstances.

Ctgb-registered 15476N, PT02 en PT04

Both products do not need rinsing. Also, they do not contain alcohol and chloride, making them safe as far as packaging, transport and storage are concerned.

Wecoline Clean ’n Easy Superior Single Use concept

Apart from these two disinfectants, the high-grade concept contains ready-made non-woven cloths and floor mops, dry micro fibre products, an absorption mat and hardware for hygienic and efficient cleaning and disinfecting. It offers the ideal solution for in-between cleaning in care environments and treatment rooms.

View the complete concept

Free registration

You will find the Healthcare Cleaning LAB at Interclean in Hall 9, from 15 - 18 May. The interactive Healthcare Cleaning Forum will be held on Wednesday 16 May in the forum congress centre. On 17 May at 11.30 AM, Wecovi will present a 30 minutes’ timeslot, where visitors will primarily be informed about Clean ’n Easy disinfection.

Register free before 8 May your tickets and visit our booth in Hall 9, 111. Taking part in the forum will cost € 30,00.


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