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Wecoline OK biobased nonwoven cloths solution in CSR cleaning policy

May 14, 2018
Wecoline OK biobased nonwoven cloths solution in CSR cleaning policy

At Interclean, Wecoline will present environment-friendly biobased nonwoven cloths. These cloths, available in 4 colours, are made from a combination of just PLA and viscose, which makes them perfectly suitable for fitting in with a CSR cleaning policy.

What is PLA

PLA (short for Poly Lactic Acid) is an environment-friendly material, made from organic resources such as sugars from food crops (corn, sugar beet, sugar cane) and wheat or cellulose. Poly lactic acid complies with the European industrial composting standard EN-13432. Nonwovens, made from starch-based synthetics and produced according this European standard, are biologically degradable.

How to recognize a Wecoline biobased cloth?

The Wecoline biobased cloths are supplied with the “OK biobased” TÜV Austria (previously Vincotte) logo. This logo has 4 levels, indicated with stars. The products are rated based on the established percentage renewable materials (% biobased). The Wecoline cleaning cloth has been awarded the maximum 4 stars and consists for 100% of biobased materials.

Environment-friendly materials

Thanks to increased environmental awareness of customers, the market for products based on renewable resources is growing. The Wecoline nonwoven cloth with “OK biobased” quality label offers an excellent answer to this growing demand.

While developing our product range, we take into account optimal cleaning results and minimal pressure on the environment. This distinguishes Wecoline from other suppliers.

For more information about these nonwoven cloths and the OK biobased quality label, visit the Wecoline at Interclean in booth 111 in Hal 1, or get in touch with our Sales Department or your accountmanager

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