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SAO water offers solution for cleaning without chemicals

April 26, 2018
SAO water offers solution for cleaning without chemicals

Wecovi recently established an international cooperation with Tersano. Tersano offers an ingenious cleaning system that turns mains water into stabilized ozone water. This replaces all daily cleaning chemicals, is more powerful and has a cleaning effect lasting 24 hours. This unique system fits in perfectly with a CSR cleaning policy.

The system consists of a SAO™ dispenser and a SAO-24 cartridge. The cartridge is a stabilisation module filtering lime and minerals out of the cold mains water. The SAO™ dispenser filters oxygen out of the air. Electric current turns the oxygen into ozone, which is added to the stable water. The mains water has now been transformed into ozone water, available from the SAO™ dispenser for immediate use. Cleaning with this stabilized ozone water, or SAO as it is called, is more powerful than cleaning with mains water and chemicals.

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SAO water and premium Wecoline microfibre cleaning materials

When SAO water and our microfibre materials are used together, they amplify each other in such a way, that the combination leads to an efficient and environment-friendly cleaning method. This combination is applicable in any environment and is suitable for 95% of daily soiling.

Also, microfibre products are durable; among others things, they can be washed up to 500 times. Furthermore, there is less risk of method faults when just water is used for cleaning. And the result? Clean and streak-free!

Partners within the Benelux

Until recently, within the Benelux countries, the SAO™ cleaning system was only available through Mother Nature Cleans but as from 1 April 2018 also through Wecovi in the Benelux and various European countries as well. Wecovi sees great opportunities for the system in the healthcare sector, professional cleaning and recreation sector.

Wecovi has an international cooperation with Tersano. Wecovi also works together with fitters for installing the SAO™ dispensers on location.

Wecovi is Tersano distributor in:

  •      The Netherlands
  •      Belgium
  •      Luxembourg
  •      Germany
  •      France
  •      Austria
  •      Switzerland
  •      Denmark
  •      United Kingdom (only within the recreation sector)
  •      Ireland (only within the recreation sector)

For distribution in other countries, please contact Tersano.

Would you like to receive information? Then please get in touch with our Sales Department.

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