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Allure: where appearance and microfibre cleaning come together

May 7, 2018
Allure: where appearance and microfibre cleaning come together

The new Wecoline Allure microfibre concept is the optimal combination of cleaning with the best microfibre materials and a professional appearance. The materials in this new Allure line all come in anthracite and offer the trusted premium quality. As a result, the professional’s complete equipment is at the same time the cleaning company’s business card. 

Cloths, mops, and accessories

The Wecoline Allure microfibre cloths, including a version with a scrubbing edge, come with trim in 7 different colours. This provides optimal support for colour-coded cleaning. There is a suitable colour for each application.

The cloth with scrubbing corner also provides time- and cost-savings. This makes the use of a separate scourer redundant. An additional scrubbing layer has been stitched onto the corner of the microfibre cloth, with which tenacious dirt can be removed from hard surfaces. Slide two fingers into the scrubbing edge to exert additional pressure. It is no longer necessary to switch to a scourer. Unlike a sponge, the cloth can be washed, ensuring that the scrubbing action always takes place under optimally hygienic conditions.

The glass and metal cloth is available with red trim in the four basic colours, as well as the flat mop and the flat mop scrub of 45 cm. These anthracite-grey mops are outfitted with hook and loop and edging in the four basic colours for colour-coded operations. Moreover, this finish adds additional allure to the appearance of the mops. Grey frames and handles complete the whole.

View the entire concept

Matching trolley

The trolley has a “fully enclosed” design. Two lockable mop boxes for use with the pre-wet method provide the professional with the opportunity to start immediately. The interior of the trolley can be modified as desired and offers a sizeable carrying capacity. It can furthermore be removed easily for thorough cleaning.

The trolley is equipped with wheels of exceptional quality and is suitable for carpets as well as smooth floors. It comes standard with four cloth pails with handles in colours for colour-coded operation.

Take advantage of the trade fair promotion as an introduction

Wecoline offers the complete solution at a very competitive price. Find out more about our trade fair promotion from our account managers at the Wecoline stand in Hall 1, stand number 111.


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