The Wecoline Clean 'n Easy Superior Single Use concept

For the professional cleaner who wants to clean right away, Wecovi offers the Wecoline Clean 'n Easy Superior Single Use concept. The range includes ready to use nonwoven, dry or impregnated with cleanser or dry microfiber cloths and Floor mops. The complete range was introduced at the ISSA / Interclean 2016.

Start immediately with the work, always having clean materials that save time and reduction of the risk of cross-contamination. With Clean 'n Easy Single Use you do not have logistic processes. Because the cloths and mops are only used once, the washing process is no longer needed. This concept is therefore highly suitable for smaller projects.

It works that EASY.

The principle is simple. The floor cloths and mops are delivered in sealable buckets. If desired, the user can manually moisten the dry variants with water or chemicals. With the ready-to-use cloths and mops, the user goes directly to work, these products are impregnated with a cleanser.

Besides the floor mops and cloths, the Clean 'n Easy concept also provides  a single use absorption mat. The mat absorbs, depending on the viscosity, in 30 to 120 seconds up to 1200ml liquid. After recording, the fluid is transformed into gel so that the mat feels dry and does not leak.

And that is also the strength of Wecoline Clean 'n Easy; clean and efficient in less than no time.

Complete concept

The Clean 'n Easy Superior Single Use concept also includes matching accessories next to the cloths and floor mops, such as holders, handles and frames. In combination with a Brix trolley, the user has everything  near at hand for efficient cleaning. The trolleys are modular composed and therefore  they fit in any environment. Because of the lockable doors and colour composition, the trolley is the business card for cleaning.

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