Maroon Chemical Free Stripping pad

With the Wecoline Maroon Chemical Free Stripping pad, you can strip the floor without the use of chemicals with just water (or even dry), often in only one passage. Chemical free and still a stunning result.

Chemical free stripping has never been this easy. The Maroon Chemical Free Stripping pads have been specially designed for dry (or with just water) removal of topcoats with a single disc machine or an automatic scrubber.

The advantages:

  • No need for aggressive chemicals
  • Safe stripping method
  • Lower costs for labour and materials
  • No use of chemicals is better for the environment
  • Less risk of incorrect usage

Have a look to see how simple chemical free stripping really is.

Stripping with water only:

Dry stripping:

Investigate the complete chemical free stripping range and discover the advantages.


A few times a year, Wecoline organises demonstrations, in cooperation with their distributors. We do this for the Maroon Chemical Free Stripping pad too. If you are interested and like to know when these demonstrations take place, please get in touch with us on +44 (0)782 430 50 23 0031 or mail to