The Brix trolley

You can recognise a professional cleaner straightaway by the Wecoline Brix trolleys. With this trolley, all means and materials are directly at hand. Cloths, flat mops, floor wipers and detergents can be stored orderly.

The trolley can be put together from modules and as such can be made to measure the object. As the trolley is closed on all sides, used materials and waste stay out of sight. That makes for a trolley that always looks presentable.

The trolley is practical and ergonomic in every detail. Drawers can be reached from two sides and doors open to 180 degrees. Therefore, the trolley takes up little space.

For every project a suitable Brix trolley

We always have 4 types of Brix trolleys with accessories in stock. Click on the pictures below or view the whole range, including the Brix accessories.

Brix 1 trolleyBrix 2 trolleyBrix 3 trolley

With a Brix trolley you have everything you need for efficient cleaning with the Wecoline Microfibre range or Wecoline Clean ´n Easy