Brilliant floor pads with a diamond top layer.

At Interclean, Wecoline introduced a new line in floor pads: the Wecoline Bright ’n Water pads for floor cleaning and maintenance using just water. Brilliant floor pads with a special top layer suitable for stripping, cleaning and polishing with just water. The solution for environment-friendly maintenance.


The Wecoline Bright ’n Water pads are ideal for usage on polished concrete, terrazzo, natural stone, VCT and overlays. Very suitable for floors in shops, schools, airports, warehouses, factories etc. The pads are available in 4 colours and a variety of sizes, including rectangular. The colour indicates the application. Depending on the extent of soiling and the type of floor, the appropriate colour for the treatment is chosen.

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The pads are used with water on a scrubber. They can also be used dry on a high-speed or ultra high-speed single disc machine. When the pad’s colour has disappeared, it is time to replace it. With timely replacement, the cleaning results will be optimal.

Efficient, safe and versatile to use

In case of loss of gloss and for removing traces of usage and marks and for spot repair, Wecoline Bright ’n Water pads are just the solution for preventing permanent and costly damages to floors.

As no chemicals are involved, this method is safe in application and usage. It is also very cost-effective: the costs of stripper for a 50 m2 floor will not be less than € 20. 

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