Innovative 2Turn mop system

In half a shake twice as much mop capacity. Who would not want that? The innovative 2Turn mop system makes it possible, as your cleaner can use the microfibre mop on both sides. With just a simple movement of the foot, without even bending over.

With the flexible handle coupling, the flat mop frame can simply be turned, so that the flat mop can be used on both sides. This means that work can carry on for longer without changing mops and that 50% less mops are required. It means that you save on time, materials and laundry costs.

The secret is a simple turn

The particularly ingenious plastic frame with flexible handle coupling has a simply to operate open-and-close system. This fixates the specially designed microfibre flat mop. With one simple turn of the frame, the floor mop can be used on two sides. In concrete, this means that twice as many square metres can be mopped with one micro fibre floor mop.

As the flat mop is made of high-quality split microfibres, cleaning with just water (no chemicals) is sufficient to rub dirt and fat loose from the pores.

Wecoline offers you a complete 2Turn mop system inclusive of accessories:

2Turn microfibre flatmop

Wecoline telescopic handle

2Turn flatmop frame