The origins of Wecovi and Wecoline

What started as a repair business for burlap sacs, founded by Mr. F. Visscher in 1953, developed nearly twenty years later into a distribution firm for cleaning cloths. Nowadays Wecovi successfully serves the European market with smart solutions for the professional cleaning industry, recreation and retail market.

How did it all happen?

When burlap sacs were pushed out by bags made of new materials, founder Visscher looked for a new challenge. He found it in a cleaning cloth that he saw lying about on a table while at a meeting abroad. Visscher bought five packs of these cloths and sold them in one afternoon to various garages in the area. The market’s need for cleaning cloths was clear and the idea for a new firm was born.

Success formula for the cleaning industry

Together with trade partner Wessels, Wecovi was founded in 1971. The name was a composition of Wessels and Visscher & Co. Visscher personally saw to it that in The Netherlands, he would hold the exclusive rights for selling cleaning cloths. With success! In 1980, Visscher bought his partner out and carried on on his own, until in the 90’s his son Hans Paul Visscher joined the company. He took over in 1997.

By now, Wecovi has its own production department for non-woven cloths and floor pads and the company keeps growing. Under the brand name Wecoline, Wecovi now offers a complete range of professional cleaning materials, still containing the non-woven cloth that once started Wecovi’s growth.

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