Corporate Social Responsibility

At Wecovi-Wecoline, we like to interpret the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) generously: we place People, Planet and Profit in a central position.


Wecovi employs a ‘zero tolerance policy’ on the subjects of child labour, discrimination, intimidation, violence and sexism. We want to be a good employer to our own employees and we ask this from our suppliers too. That is why we have our own code of behaviour with which all our suppliers have to comply and we monitor this actively. As we like to give everybody a fair chance to get a job, a number of young people with a (work) disability take part in our production process. Also, we cooperate actively with social services and various educational institutes in the field of work placements, postings and re-integration. Through sponsoring, we support a number of cultural, social and sports activities. Also, for many years now, we have been donating to a variety of charities, such as the Ronald McDonald House in Zwolle, which can count on a fixed annual contribution.


As we care for a clean environment, we use base materials sparingly and we minimize the emission of harmful gasses. Therefore, we make use of green electricity, efficient room heating and energy-saving lighting. Also, we separate our waste and for postal delivery in Zwolle, we use bicycle couriers. To reduce paper waste, we send our invoices digitally whenever possible and we employ a ‘paperless warehouse’. We print double-sided and use only FSC paper.

Our micro fibre cloths have a Nordic Ecolabel. This means that Wecovi belongs to a select group of organisations with a production process that complies with strict criteria in the field of health, environment and climate.


Obviously, we aim to make a profit. This is necessary for our company’s continuity but it is also a solid base for our CSR policy: good employership stimulates employees and creates a higher productivity. And as we save energy and use materials sparingly, we save on costs.