Cleaning more square meters in a simple way

Easy to use

Because of the flexible
handle coupling easy to use


Vertical surfaces
cleaned without having to bend over


Difficult places
are easy to reach


time and laundry costs

With a simple movement of the frame the 2Turn mop could be used on 2 sides





  • Place the 2Turn mop on the floor

  • Slide the mop into the 2Turn frame and click it with the foot

  • Lift the mop slightly

  • Place the mop on the flloor

  • Place the frame on the mop and you can start cleaning


Only water



  • The large surface of the 2Turn mop consists only of cleaning material which ensures optimum dirt adhesion

  • Because the flat mop is made of high-quality split microfibres, cleaning with only water (without using chemistry) is sufficient to remove dirt and grease from the pores.


One mop


  • Half the costs for laundering

  • One walk to the trolley instead of two walks

  • Saving a lot of time because of the reduction in mop changes

Wecoline offers a complete 2Turn mopsystem for each floor type

Wecoline 2Turn mops

A mop available for each floor type. Use damp for the best results.

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Wecoline 2Turn flatmop frame

This frame has the advantage that it is easy to use and that it promotes ergonomic cleaning. With a simple foot movement, the mop is changed from side to side without even having to bend over.

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Wecoline telescopic handle

This telescopic handle is attached to the flat mop frame and has a size of 110-200 cm.

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